Sunday, June 5, 2011

San Diego/Intro

Hey everyone,

So... I'm in San Diego right now waiting for Derek to shower to go out to Target, the AT&T Store and what not for random, last-day errands before we leave tomorrow morning at 6:40.

Although I have never blogged before, I figured it would be the best option to stay in contact with everyone at home and I will do my best to regularly update and post to it about all the stuff I am doing and everything that is happening as well as pictures of me and stuff and possibly video.

Ok, now to clear up a few things for those of you who do not know the... modern me, particularly well, my username and screen name for most of my online accounts is "blubberbo" so that's gonna be my name here too, just so you know you are in the right place :P.  Also, for those of you who do know me really well you might be surprised by the lack of vulgarity but I am going to try and be pretty G-Rated on here so I don't offend anyone who might be reading.

As of right now, my itinerary looks like the following:

Monday morning - Flight to Washington DC
Thursday night - Flight to Munich and then to St. Petersburg

After that, who knows! But I will start posting here as soon as I get going. I am unfamiliar with blogging so I am not sure the easiest way to follow me or check for updates or whatever but I did add a link to email subscribe over on the right I think. 

Thanks everyone for caring and paying attention and please, throughout the trip, feel free to comment and talk to me and what not! :)

Love you all

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