Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pictures and the apology

Sorry I have not been able to keep my blog super updated.... at all, but I have been super busy. Plus I need some time to think of more semi-funny things to say.

I managed to get some pictures up on facebook, although there are some more, way prettier ones, coming from Petergov. These ones were taken while me Luiza and Tolya wandered around St. Petersburg. They were almost all taken by Tolya and yes he is European, and yes you can tell by the fact that he loves to do that take a picture of yourself with your own arm stretched out thing:
Around the city (Facebook Album) 

Tomorrow I am going on a tour of what I believe is the biggest beer factory in all of europe... Baltika! and I am super excited.

Almost died on the metro today because there was just an absolutely insane amount of people in a very very small space. I'll try and write soon I promise (to try).



  1. please elaborate on your story of you almost getting kidnapped at the restaurant/bar! You disappeared before you could explain! Take care :)

  2. I really liked the picture when you were standing near the cannon. It's like a Syd dream come true.

  3. sam - it was very much a syd dream come true. the only thing that could have made it better would be 'hell march' playing in the background and the cannon actually shooting

    sara - its a long story, which i can tell you in person later. basically i was in a hella shady bar with some hella shady people and i thought i was gonna get beat up or kid napped so i texted derek telling him where he could tell the police i was last seen but it turned out to be ok :P