Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Couple Thoughts and a New Idea

So today we took a nice little written test, which I can self diagnose of missing two questions on, one because I did not know the verb for "to settle" (as in like how pilgrims settle) and two because I just had absolutely 0 idea what a certain phrase meant. All the other questions were pretty chill. We also had an oral part, which lasted about 40 seconds. The teacher (of course a really young.... fit.... blonde.... hot.... woman) interviewed me and asked like two questions and said that "everything is clear, we are done."  I kinda wanted to continue talking to her though so i was like... "can we keep going?" and she smiled and was basically like "yeah, naw :/ " Upon reflecting on the oral test, I am not sure if her saying that everything was clear was supposed to indicate that it was immediately clear how good i was or how bad i was lol, which makes the whole test experience not as fruitful or exciting. 

Something kind of funny happened to be for the few days when we lived in the dorms when I was forced, against my will, to live with 4 girls because the russian people who divided up the rooms assumed I was a girl because of my name "Sydney" :( :( and then at the picnic we had, none of the russian tutors could like understand what my name was when our program director was said "his name is Syd" and a chorus of "Чего" (WHAT!?) echoed throughout the crowd. It was sad. Everyone had a different name to call me because they couldnt pronounce it for some reason: "Saichok... Sik... Sergei..." so thats when I really formally (before it was more informal) adopted my russian name "Серёжа" (Seryozha -- the 'zh' is pronounced like the 'g' in 'manage' and the stress is in on the 'yo' syllable.)

ok one last thing and then i am going back out into the russian speaking world to practice practice practice.  So i know i gave all that shpeal about how russians and americans arent that different but of course there are some pretty big differences and sometimes those differences can lead to rather... interesting situations and i decided, every time one of those situations happens to someone, i am going to try and have them tell the story and record. ill try to attach one or two of the ones i have so far in the next couple of days


  1. how often do all these hot girls shower? and does everyone drink vodka like water? and why didn't you choose "capitalist pig" as your russian name?

  2. Ваше имя должно было жевать!

  3. sam - as to the showering question, I have no idea, but i promise it wouldnt matter. to the vodka question, yes and no. the first day i was with my host family i had about 3 shots (each one was a healthy russian portion of vodka mixed with some other alcohol that was like 182 proof) and 2 1 liter beers because it was 3 holidays on the same calendar day (that seems to be their typical excuse :P). the third question i will not answer

    хосей - ну да я бы согласил с тобой но я уже жил почти 22 года с странным имя и я сейчас хочу типичной

    that should translate in google translate, which i assume you are using, just add the word "one" to the end.

    thanks for the comments guys :)