Saturday, July 9, 2011

A real St. Petersburg summer night (short post)

So I just woke up, it's about 7pm here. I went out last night: met at a metro station with some friends at about 9 and went to a bar till midnight (when the metros all closed). After the bar, we went to a coffee house/huka bar where the d.j. was blasting some pretty hardcore trance music, which was cool, I was feeling it pretty good :) Couple more beers and then decided to pick up Southern Russian Swerma before heading home on the metro, which was just reopening for the morning (it was about 05:40 at that point). Had the swerma, which was AMAZING and only around 90 rubles, which is real cheap, dodged a couple drunk people, and hopped on the metro. I got in my door at approximately 06:30 and just passed out until now.

It was fun! :)

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